4tyseven jewellery SS21 Virtual Catwalk During London Fashion Week

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Name of the Brand: 4tyseven jewelry Name of designer/s: Iren Isahakian Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/4tysevenjew… Website: https://www.4tysevenjewelry.com Number of years in business: 5 Name of University if any: Yerevan State University, YSPU What makes your brand unique / what inspires you to create your work: Fine handcrafted silver jewelry established in 2015 in Armenia. Silver is the 47th in the periodic system. In ancient times, Argentum was considered to be the metal of the moon and alchemists portrayed as a crescent. 4tyseven is inspired by the sophisticated simplicity of minimalism and hedonism. Collections are designed for sophisticated dressers with strong individuality and meticulous attention to details. Our pieces are built to last forever. All our jewels are handmade in Armenia and brought to you by the best of silver masters. Minimalism will last forever. It’s not just jewelry, it’s a movement where you need less and less and less until finally you are at peace. What techniques do you use (special fabrics, prints, fabric, knits etc..): All our jewels are handmade, the main steps of making the pieces include soldering, hammering, polishing, choosing the stones. All these steps are carried out by hand. Any social enterprise, recycled materials, sustainable production: We are always looking for new and more environmentally efficient ways to produce our silver jewelry. We just start working with silver that made of 99% recycled and scrap silver products. By melting down silver items that have been sold for bullion and reforming them into sheet metal and wire sustainable silver. Key stockists: 5 Concept, Gafesjian Center for the Arts (Cascade complex, Nuar Multibrand. Have you been featured or mentioned in any large publications / journalists (list & name). https://blog.onesundayatatime.com/met… Tell us about any collaborations you might have done: https://www.4tysevenjewelry.com/blog/… – Attach a short biography if you have one The thought of creating minimalist jewellery came to the designer in 2015 when she realized that the market was overloaded with luxuriant silver pieces. The load served as the main reason for her to start making something outstanding, stylish and simple at the same time. She created the brand, the logo on her own and then came up with the ideas for the first collection. “It has become an interesting process for me where I was, and I am able to apply all my accumulated knowledge and experience”.

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