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The purpose of the ASPARA FASHION WEEK Realization of cultural, aesthetic, and cognitive values of the Zhambyl region and the city of Taraz through the organization of the largest Asian fashion project ASPARA FASHION WEEK. Promote the development of the tourism cluster in the city of Taraz and the region as a whole, through advertising in foreign and domestic media. Creating the image of Taraz as a cultural oasis and the center of the fashion industry in Kazakhstan and Central Asia as a whole. Creating branding and promoting the image of the city of Taraz, the ethnic and cultural complex “KONE-Taraz” to the international level. Creating high-quality regional content in the field of fashion, style, and beauty industry. Stimulating the cult of knowledge and awareness of competitiveness in The global fashion industry among young Kazakhstani designers. Excursions to places of historical monuments of the city, photo and video shooting of models and guests, advertising of participants in social networks. Implementation of the idea: holding the “ASPARA FASHION WEEK” as part of the “Ruhani-Zhangyru” program-modernization of public consciousness. The goal Of the international fashion week “ASPARA FASHION WEEK – is to enter world markets.
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