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After a recent trip to India, on a personal journey, designer Nina Bogosavljev experienced a culmination of emotions which burst into the making of the “ANAHATA” collection. This collection, inspired by both Indian tradition and a celebration of Serbian heritage, is for strong, traditional women who enchant and fascinate with their honesty, bravery and generosity and further inspire the world around them. Blended in unexpected compositions of colour and texture, Bulka garments are unique and dreamy. Particular attention is paid to the details and finishings, all delicately hand crafted by professionals and tailors from Serbia. The rich fringes, tassels, coins, glass and metal beads traditionally used in ethnic dress across Serbia are now used in a modern and fashionable way so that each piece is wearable for every occasion. The collection champions heritage and discovery and reflects a celebration of happiness and endless enthusiasm for the designer. Bulka is a Serbian slow-fashion brand that firmly stands for tradition and sustainability. The designer Nina Bogosavljev holds a BA in both Fashion and Costume design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Serbia and sees fashion as art, using the brand as a canvas for expressing her experiences and emotions. Bulka specialises but is not limited to the craftsmanship of one-of-a- kind kaftans, tailored to perfection and produced ethically with all natural fabrics. The brand today unveils a new line of hand printed garments including shirts and the rerelease of the highly popular Kaftan, which add colour and pattern to a cool white season. Bulka will be showcasing their new collection via Fashion Scout’s digital event this September. The brand is proud to be releasing a short video campaign as part of the off-schedule LFW shows.

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