Creative talk with Actress Paola Lavini

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Actress Paola Lavini, BIO Paola Lavini is an actress known for Black souls by Munzi, Heavenly body by Alice Rohrwacher, Partly cloudy with Sunny Spells by M. Pontecorvo, Forgive us ours debts by A.Morabito, Soldato semplice by Paolo Cevoli , The Red moon by Hassan Benjelloun , Wild blood by Marco Tullio Giordana , The youngest son by Pupi Avati, Sorry of I love you by F. Moccia, No problem by V. Salemme, and the tv series The miracle by Niccolò Ammaniti, Rome (in English), Don Zeno – l’uomo di Nomadelfia , Thou shalt not kill, Rome, Gente di mare, The teacher, La squadra, Carabinieri. She is Pina in the recent movie ‘Hidden away’ by Giorgio Diritti (Berlin Film festival 2020) and Elena in the movie ‘The isle of forgiveness’ with Claudia Cardinale in post-production. She has recently shot in English with Michael Radford and Jan Schomburg. She is also a singer and a musical performer. Presentation The short, succinct poems posted by British poet and translator George Szirtes on his Instagram handle offer much to ruminate on the ongoing infodemic. ‘Wartime’ There are profiteers in the cupboard. There are thieves in the neat hedgerows. There are the rumours and the alarms. It’s the times we live in they say. Darling, these are days of anxiety. Listen to the high pitched call of small birds. Kiss me.

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