DAMINK SS21 Virtual Show During London Fashion Week

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Name of the Brand: Damink Name of designer/s: Damian Hovhannisyan Instagram handle: Damink Website: Damianphoto.com Number of years in business: 2Years Name of University if any: YSU What makes your brand unique / what inspires you to create your work: The brand is unique because it uses art and photography as the main details of the designs. All the pieces are made with unique colors and details that can also be custom made. The main highlight of the brand is the use of film photos, which are part of my own photography. So my photography and my love for colors and fashion inspire me to create new unique pieces that are unisex and oversized, so everyone can be rocking the styles we create. What techniques do you use (special fabrics, prints, fabric dyes, knits, etc..): Denim-like fabric is used for jackets, vests, and pants. Cotton is used for t-shirts and hoodies. Eco-leather is used for pants. The prints are done by silkscreen print and sublimation. An organic dye is used that ensures the longevity of products. Knits used are synthetic silk, which is also the main detail of the design. The details are added with embroidery, fluorescent knitting and etc. Any social enterprise, recycled materials, sustainable production: Not yet. Key stockists: The main stockists are located in Armenian fashion boutiques, and there is also one location in the USA, the city of Glendale. Have you been featured or mentioned in any large publications/journalists (list & name)? Please also add links if in English: Not yet. Have you won any awards: Because the brand is pretty new, it is just starting to get popularity in social media. Tell us about any collaborations you might have done. One of the collaborations was done with a known Armenian jewelry brand, “Pregomesh.” The items were featured on the brand’s website and got more popular by Armenian populations in other countries. Another collaboration was done with a brand called “47 Jewelry” and currently working on a new collab with another Armenian designer. • I am a film photographer, and I have been working in art photography for over ten years. I have always had so much passion for art, photography, and fashion, and it inspired me to create something that mixes all 3 in one. That inspired me to start my brand, which features my photography as the main highlight of the brand. It is designed to spice up anybody’s wardrobe with a little piece of art and make you different and unique from everyone.

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