Demiurge SS21 Virtual Show During London Fashion Week

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Name of the Brand: DEMIURGE Name of designer/s: Nelly Tadevosyan Instagram handle: Number of years in business: since 2019 Name of University if any: Yerevan State Medical University After Heratsi What makes your brand unique / what inspires you to create your work: The inspiration is coming from Nature, we’re using only natural stones and their stunning colors makes your heart bloom and your mind work to create something very special… What techniques do you use: Our pieces are made exceptionally from silver, and they all are handmade – Attach a short biography if you have one I was born in Yerevan, Armenia In my early childhood I have always dreamed to be in art, so I was always having some classes of art in different local schools, but as in many countries if you are raised in doctors family you don’t have a choice )) I went to Yerevan state Medical University and studied for Dentist for 8 years, worked for almost 10 years, but then I just decided to follow my dreams , it’s never late for dreams to come true! So in 2019 I decided to found Demiurge – which means CREATURE. There’s nothing more to create than just to look properly on what our Creature gave us and make it something very special for people to feel closer to the nature but the same time to stay unique!

Category: FASHION

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