Jasper Conran September 2018

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Monochromic blocks of opaque colour elemental in Navy, White, Sulphur Yellow.

Sporty precision moulded cashmere. Coat, dress, skirt, top, A-line shape.  Trousers pleated and divided.

Glacial Grey polar opposite to bursts of Ultra-colour. Weatherproofed technical layers and oceans of pleats.

Georgette splashed with coloured brushstrokes. A palette of Cadmium, Cobalt, Manganese.  Dressed with informality against textured knits and windproof smocks.

A stormy mix of colour cut to fold and clash.  Violet, Cerulean, Viridian, Asphaltum.Geometry in folds and pleats engineered.  Slivers of Blue finish the picture.

Details: https://fabukmagazine.com/jasper-conran-autumn-winter-2018/

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