LOOM Weaving SS21 Virtual Show During London Fashion Week

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Name of the Brand: LOOM Weaving Name of designer/s: Inga Manukyan Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/loom_weaving/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loomweaving/ Website: www.loom-weaving.com Number of years in business: 6 Name of University if any: Yerevan State University of Fine Arts, faculty of Fashion Design What makes your brand unique / what inspires you to create your work: LOOM Weaving is an Armenian brand of knitwear clothes founded by designer Inga Manukyan in 2014. Each item is a unique handmade piece created by mixing Armenian handmade embroidery with modern style and as a result receiving cozy and cute, bold and bright, ultra-fashionable and fabulous product. I use national shapes, distinctive knitting technics and color combinations in my collections. LOOM Weaving was established with the aim to revive handmade national technics and build a new route for Armenian knitwear production to design, develop, weave and above all create. – “Cultural drives give me meaning and purpose, while I harmonize it with my individuality” – “I get inspiration from evolving and rich colors, interlacing yarns and handcrafted knitting technics” – Inga Manukyan LOOM has developed its own style, that is feminine, national, unique, modern and at the same time traditional. The looks are upscale and those once encountered with products would be easily distinguished, since the products call for style and individuality. The products are easily identifiable as high-quality ones by their looks, design, idea, handmade and due to the natural raw materials used. LOOM Weaving is building a new route for Armenian knitwear production to design, develop, weave and above all…CREATE! What techniques do you use (special fabrics, prints, fabric dyes, knits etc.)? The brand is guided by the world fashion trends in developing exclusive design of knitwear, using original mixture of exquisite intarsia and the best natural yarn (wool, viscose, cotton, lurex, silk, etc.) in endless color combinations. The collections highlight the blend of crafty skills (patchwork, macramé, braids, crochet, jacquard, etc.) with different color ambiences. Joyful and vibrant colors have digital yet sophisticated shades with vital braid-pops adding otherworldly element to the whole image. Exclusive design of cardigans highlights ethnic style elements, fantastic color combinations, patchwork knitting technique and completely hand-embroidery. Any social enterprise, recycled materials, sustainable production: High-performance, professionalism and transparency in the work done and delivered are the core values for LOOM Weaving. Team’s inspiration comes from the beauty and uniqueness of our country, which has a reach history and spiritual culture in weaving and knitting, and the best example is carpet weaving. The company has a small handmade knitting room within production to train young generation and pass skills to them since most of professional handcraft women are eager to keep traditions and pass to new generation. Key stockists: Clothia (US), Fashion Inn (US), HayHay (Switzerland), 5Concept Store (Armenia) Cocos Island (Armenia) and other small boutigues. Since its establishment the brand was actively participating in various fashion fairs and shows in Yerevan, Kiev, Moscow (CPM) and Milan (Pitti Super) where the presented collections were highly appreciated by fashion critics and buyers. Have you been featured or mentioned in any large publications/journalists (list & name)? Please also add links if in English: https://www.italianist.com/2019/04/08… https://www.zoemagazine.net/120638-in… https://theblueprint.ru/fashion/indus… http://www.lucine-a.com/2016/12/stay-… https://eu4business.eu/success-storie… https://www.notjustalabel.com/loom-we… Have you won any awards? Yes, RA Prime Minister Award as “The Best Start-up Women Entrepreneur in 2016” A short biography if you have one: Designer Inga Manukyan was born in Yerevan on March 7, 1981. She graduated State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, Fashion and Textile Design Unit. During her studies she was inspired by the spiritual culture and uniqueness of Armenian carpet weaving with an idea to bring back that tradition into the fashion and to accumulate ethnic lines, handmade technics with modern trends by offering unique knitwear clothes. And only long after her sister encouraged her and they decided to stimulate the production of modern knitwear garments in Armenia. In 2014 two sisters have established LOOM Weaving an Armenian brand of knitwear garments.

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