MadeBy SS21 Virtual Presentation During London Fashion Week

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MadeBy____ was founded by Natacha Kalfayan in a rural area call Dilijan. We decided to name our brand MadeBy____ because we want to curate and promote and represent designer in rural regions. Our vision is to creating communities of local talents with global reach that are Tenacious, Inventive, Empowered, Skillful (TIES) and we do that by strengthening our communities, inspiring lifelong learning and creating unique products and job opportunities. Our aim is to endow locals with the ability to start their true vocation and career. Teaching artisanal skills is half of the journey, we also guide our participants to find their design identity, uniqueness, consistency, profitability and sustainability, in return they are becoming change-makers in their region and constantly support each other. We launched on Dec 2018, since then we have had 350 participants and by June 2019, 50 participants had created sellable, trendy, quality fashion and home accessory merchandise for an exhibition on June 2019 and each Participant had good sales. On September 2019, we took 15 of our participants products to fashion week Milan trade expo Pitti, before attending the expo, everyone warned us that it was unachievable for first timer and new comer to the field to coming back with orders. It might have been unattainable but we came back with an order of 145 Pieces. With our concept “One Area, One product” we aim to develop and concentrate on one product per region, for each region to be known for a particular strength/product. With the partnership of AUA (American University Armenian) as well as other NGOs, we are branching out to Goris(another remote rural area) to implement our “One Area, One product” concept and have a similar success as we’ve had with the Dilijan branch and by doing so expand our range of Fashion and home accessories merchandise.

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