Seda SS21 Virtual Presentation During London Fashion Week

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Brand Name: Seda Manukyan by Atex Fashion Name designer/s: Seda Surname designer/s: Manukyan Nationality of the designer/s: Republic of Armenia Date of Birth: 26.03.1983 Year when the brand has been founded: 2015 City where designer/s is based: Yerevan, Armenia Where the collection is produced: Yerevan, Armenia Is the collection Sustainable? if yes small description: The collection is made for mainly male customers, that are creative and love minimalistic approach when it comes to choosing the look. However, some parts and the entire looks from the collection are considered as unisex and female customers can also wear the clothes from this collection. Designer/s Email: [email protected], [email protected] Telephone contacts (designer/s personal): +37491736768 Instagram account: seda_manukyanbb/… Stockists:… Prizes, awards, special mentions: COMPETITION 2007 – “RUSSIAN SILUET “international competition 2nd place 2009 – ‘’RUSSIAN SILUET “international competition 2nd place 2011 – “RUSSIAN SILUET ”international competition 1 place and internships in France 2012 – “Chevrolet” Young Creative Chevrolet international competition (semi final in Armenia)-1 place Participation in international projects 2012 – “World skills” Belgium –like an expert (GIZ) 2013 – “World skills” Germany-like an expert (GIZ)

Category: FASHION

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