Taragalte stockholm

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Taragalte_stockholm is a new Moroccan / Swedish brand inspired by Moroccan and Berber cultural heritage mixed by the flamboyant colors of Stockholm, totally handmade with 100% Moroccan products, leather, wool carpet, Berber jewelry, made by local Moroccan artisans and women in an ethical and ecological way. “Stockholm International Fashion Fair” aims to promote designers who use sustainable way taking into account environmental and socioeconomic aspects, but also to encourage consumers to consume more “sustainably”. Sto_Iff is a fashion show that focuses on sustainable and ethical fashion. Its predominant theme is diversity and multiculturalism in ethical fashion. The show is held at the mystic venue: Historiska Museet (Swedish History Museum). The event hosts designers from all over the world and different backgrounds. It is an opportunity for talented designers to showcase their designs and creativity.

Category: FASHION

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