XUAN Couture FW2020/2021 ‘Windows of infinity’

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The vignettes tell the story of XUAN. It is about reducing to the essence of something in order understand it anew. From there, our imagination can reach even further, without limits. The short film is a play on the hybridzation of contrasts, colours, straight shapes and flowing lines. The collection: The collection is about building. It is about the elements of life—fire, water, air, earth. The four cornerstones. Life’s path is continuous. It’s ongoing, with occasional stops and stalls. Yet it always carries on. The concept: The constructual/geometrical aspect The pure structured lines and shapes The inner awareness and growth The layers of life in all it’s diversity The use of soft cotton for the white looks represent the concept of a clean canvas. A toile on which you can build, an empty book that can be filled. The white filled bias straps play with structure, light and shadow. Synonymous to the pureness of accidental movement. The mixture of clashing colours and use of different silk fabric show the fragilty and boldness of the designer. Delicate silk organza is juxtaposed with the solidity of leather flowers. Petals float and flutter with movement. Sensitivity against an inner wall. All, representing the various facets of XUAN.

Category: FASHION

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