ZGEST SS21 Virtual Presentation During London Fashion Week

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Name of the Brand: Z.G.EST Name of designer/s: Alla Pavlova, Karine Hamidyan Instagram handle: z.g.est Website: www.zgestfashion.com Number of years in business: 4 Name of University if any: Yerevan State University of Fine Arts for Karine Hamidyan/ What makes your brand unique / what inspires you to create your work: Choosing Z.G.EST, you make an investment in the future of ethical fashion and sustainability. Mixing simplicity with sophistication Z.G.EST creates timeless and sustainable clothing for creative and bright women with free spirit and passion for life, who value quality, functionality and style. They tell the story of elegance and show exceptionality by mixing, matching and layering our shirts and dresses. Our thoughtfully designed modern wardrobe essentials include oversized and comfortable pieces that suit all body types and give the feeling of confidence both at work and beyond office hours. At Z.G.EST we design unique pieces to last for many years, using exclusively biodegradable and surplus stock fabrics to free our Planet from hazardous waste. While putting a high emphasis on design, we strongly commit to the ethical production process and development of craftsmanship in Armenia. What techniques do you use (special fabrics, prints, fabric dyes, knits etc..): apart from the usual production process we do upcycling using pre-owned men shirts, we deconstruct those to re-assemble into women clothing. Any social enterprise, recycled materials, sustainable production: We use exclusively biodegradable fabrics, mainly cotton, surplus stock fabrics as well as fabrics made from organic and recycled yarns. We thrive to Minimise the carbon footprint in our ethical sourcing and production process. Key stockists: Wolf&Badger (UK), Clothia (US), HayHay (Switzerland), Maker, Axiom (Russia), 5Concept Store (Armenia) Have you been featured or mentioned in any large publications / journalists (list & name). Please also add links if in English: N/A Have you won any awards: N/A Tell us about any collaborations you might have done – Attach a short biography if you have one 4 Years ago I (Alla Pavlova) quitted my career in banking to start Z.G.EST because I strongly believed, that sustainability and fashion can strongly walk together. We are a team of enthusiasts and creative natures who love what they do and are committed to spread the values we share through our unique pieces.

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